Tobin Leander

A Raven Shifter from Twospire, and Ariel's common-law husband


Tobin was always a mysterious figure, even when Ariel was living with him. Originally from Tufan, he had lived in Twospire for several years before Ariel met him, running a shop where he made clockwork.


Little is known, even to Ariel, about Tobin’s life before he came to Twospire. While he taught her the Tufani language and customs, he spoke little of personal things.

Ariel met him when she was 17, and hungry, she attempted to steal from his shop. He offered her food and lodging, an arrangement that slowly became permanent, eventually growing into a romantic relationship despite Tobin’s misgivings about their significant age gap.

She lived with him for seven years, when the apparently healthy Tobin went on a trip, and suddenly died of an illness at 57 years old. Ariel never accepted this explanation, and has determined that she will eventually come to the truth of the matter.

One piece of evidence recently revealed is that the necklace—a stylized hawk medallion—he gave her before leaving, is a key that leads to a large cavern of mechanical soldiers in Tufan… Now in addition to the mystery of his death, Ariel has to unravel the mystery of who Tobin actually was, and why he had this key…

Tobin Leander

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