General Magic Changes

Spell Components

No more expensive spell components! Possibly the biggest change other than loss of alignment, I have decided to remove expensive spell components, material components, and foci from the game. I feel that it really only benefits NPCs and is rarely enforced for the cheaper components. There is one important exception, resurrection spells requires the heart of the creature being returned in addition to the normal related gold cost.

Spell Type Changes

Alignment spells: All spells involving alignment have been removed or replaced. See below for specific information.

Planar magic: Spells involving the planes have been removed.

Summoning magic: Summoned creatures are to be considered “magical constructs”. Instead of pulling a real being from another place to serve you, summoned creatures are specific forms created by magic. You may still summon celestial or infernal creatures, but this is more for the resistances and damage reduction features.

Teleportation magic: Teleport (all spells with teleport in the name) has been removed. Transport option from miracle/wish has been removed.

Removed and Altered Spells

Align Weapon: Deleted. This spell has no application in this game, since DR doesn’t use alignment anymore.

Atonement: This spell can’t undo a forcible alignment change since there is no more alignment to forcibly change. However, all of its other functions still work normally—so your paladin who was hit by a spell that made him start butchering orphans is still going to need somebody to cast this on him after he comes back to his senses and finds that his powers are gone.

Bless Weapon: Deleted.

Detect Evil/Good/Law/Chaos: Deleted.

Dispel Evil/Good/Law/Chaos: These spells, which have multiple functions, are all replaced with a tweaked version called dispel scourge.

Forbiddance: This spell deals with alignment to such a degree that it has been entirely rewritten.

Glyph of Warding/Greater Glyph of Warding: These spells function as normal, with one change: you can’t set them with respect to good, evil, law, or chaos. However, they can be set to detect dragon allegiance (either chromatic/metallic, or by color/metal individually).

Hallow/Unhallow: These spells only need a few minor adjustments made to them, rather than entirely new write-ups. Primarily, both spells now guard their site or structure with a warding circle effect. Secondly, when affixing a single spell effect to these spells, you can’t choose alignment as a designator for whom the spell affects or doesn’t affect; only faith may be selected in this regard. Finally, from the list of allowable spells to tie to these, delete detect evil from hallow‘s list, and delete detect good from unhallow’s list.

Holy Aura/Unholy Aura/Shield of Law/Cloak of Chaos: These spells have been deleted, and their effects rewritten into a single new spell, divine aura.

*Holy Smite/Unholy Blight/Order’s Wrath/Chaos Hammer: These spells have been deleted, and their effects rewritten into a single new spell, blast of faith.

Holy Sword: This spell functions normally, save that is makes an affected weapon function as a +5 keen bane weapon. You choose the creature type subjected to the bane property at the time of casting, but once chosen it cannot be changed for the duration of the spell. The +2 enhancement bonus increase against the bane creature type does stack with the weapon’s +5 enhancement bonus granted by this spell.

Holy Word/Blasphemy/Dictum/Word of Chaos: These spells have been deleted, and their effects rewritten into a single new spell, word of faith.

Magic Circle against Evil/Good/Chaos/Law: These spells have been deleted, and their effects rewritten into a single new spell, warding circle.

Miracle/Wish: The +1 bonus to stat now takes a day long ritual to perform. If you wish to do multiple castings, you may not rest and regain spells.

Protection from Evil/Good/Law/Chaos: These spells have been deleted, and their effects rewritten into a single new spell, ward of protection.

Undetectable Alignment: Deleted.

Cleric Domains

Chaos domain: The chaos blade domain ability now grants a weapon the throwing and returning magic weapon properties. Otherwise it functions as listed.

Evil domain: Delete the second sentence (“Creatures sickened by your touch count as good for the purposes of spells with the evil descriptor.”) from the touch of evil domain ability. The scythe of evil domain ability now grants a weapon the wounding magic weapon property. Otherwise it functions as listed.

Good domain: The holy lance domain ability now grants a weapon the defending and merciful magic weapon properties. Otherwise it functions as listed.

Law domain: The staff of order domain ability now grants a weapon the ghost touch and spell storing magic weapon properties. Otherwise it functions as listed.

All four of the aforementioned domains have the following spell list:

  • 1st ward of protection
  • 2nd owl’s wisdom
  • 3rd warding circle
  • 4th blast of faith
  • 5th dispel scourge
  • 6th planar ally
  • 7th word of faith
  • 8th divine aura
  • 9th summon monster IX

Magic Items and Artifacts

Cursed Items: There are two tables regarding cursed items; one for items that are dependant on situations, and another for drawbacks. The dependent table lists (91-95) that the item only functions in the hands of a character of a given alignment. The drawback table lists (50-51) that the user’s alignment changes. In both cases, if you roll randomly and get either of the aforementioned results, ignore them and re-roll.

Deck of Many Things: Since the deck has effects for each specific card, we’ll need to change the results for the Balance card (which changes the drawer’s alignment) to something else:
Should the character draw the “Balance” card (the XI. Justice tarot card, or the two of spades playing card), their gender is instantly reversed. If the character is a member of a race that doesn’t have genders, then they gain a negative level instead.

Darkskull: A character of any alignment can create a darkskull, but woe betide the cleric of a benevolent deity who does!

Figurine of Wondrous Power (Obsidian Steed): This magic item has a 5% chance of carrying a rider off to the lower planes whenever it’s used, rather than a 10% chance whenever a good character rides it.

Helm of Opposite Alignment: Delete this item entirely.

Holy/Unholy/Axiomatic/Anarchic weapons: These magic weapon properties are deleted outright. While it can be cool to have something called the “Dark Sword of Chaos” or something similar, it won’t be able to do additional damage to someone based on their morality (or, for that matter, hurt them if they hold it based on said morality either).

Horn of Goodness/Evil: Since this horn is expressly dependent on the user’s alignment, delete this magic item.

Mace of Blood: Delete this item.

Mantle of Faith: Rename this item mantle of might; it now grants DR 5/adamantine.

Phylactery of Faithfulness: Remove the various detect spells in this item’s prerequisites; don’t replace them with anything, but note that the creator must be a divine spellcaster. This item functions normally, save that it provides only warning about things that could affect the character’s standing with his or her deity.

Ring of Elemental Command: Delete the second, third, and fourth sentences in the fourth paragraph (“These creatures recognize that he wears the ring, and show a healthy respect for the wearer if alignments are similar. If alignments are opposed, creatures fear the wearer if he is strong. If he is weak, they hate and desire to slay him.”). All of the above is still true, but it’s not based on alignment-recognition—elementals so commanded will react to the person as appropriate to what sort of person he is, what sort of person the elemental is, and what the person with the ring makes the elemental do.

Ring of Mind Shielding: This ring doesn’t protect against discerning your alignment, since there’s no alignment to be discerned, but otherwise works as normal.

Robe of the Archmagi: This item no longer has any alignment components; its color is whatever the GM wants it to be. It does not bestow negative levels on any wearers, though only arcane spellcasters can fully utilize it.

Rod of Alertness: Delete all four of the alignment-detecting spells from this rod’s list of powers, and from the prerequisite spells used in its construction. All other details (including price) remain the same.

Rod of the Python/Rod of the Viper: These rods functions for anyone, not just good/evil creatures respectively, and the creators need not be good/evil either.

Staff of Defense: Replace shield of law in this magic item’s powers and prerequisites with divine aura. The creator need not be lawful.

Strand of Prayer Beads: The bead of smiting on the strand now uses blast of faith, and that spell replaces the four aligned versions in that bead’s creation prerequisites.

Talisman of Pure Good/Ultimate Evil: Delete these minor artifacts altogether. Between the alignment-based effects, and the unenforceable bit about granting a saving throw unless the user is, basically, a paragon of their alignment, these are more trouble than it’s worth to bring to an alignment-free system.

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