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All player characters must be sworn to a dragon type. This is typically the dragon where your homeland is. It is possible, but rare for a person to have citizenship in a country that is not their homeland. As a general rule, where you consider home is where your allegiance should lay. Litorians are the only race that can avoid this requirement and not suffer from a terrible mutation.

Favored Race Benefit

Each individual nation description mentions what race is the favored of a certain dragon type. If you are the favored race and sworn to that dragon type, then you gain a +2 racial bonus to all Charisma related checks with any draconic creatures with the same allegiance, and you are one step improved on the reaction table for interacting with such creatures.


Languages are regional rather than racial, though a few racial languages exist. Bonus languages can be taken from among any of the national or racial languages, but not any secret languages. All player character races start with whatever language their home country speaks. For the purposes of this game, everyone must learn Albish even if they must spend a skill point in Linguistics to achieve it.

Races of Draconia

Common Races

The following races are the most common of the setting, those that are favored by a dragon type or represent the bulk of the population in a given nation.

  • Changelings: Ephemeral of form, changelings are the favored race of the copper dragons of Aqualina.
  • Dracha: The dragon-like dracha exist in virtually every nation, taking on the scale colors of the local dragon type and acting as the favored sons and daughters of their dragon masters.
  • Dwarves: Greedy and avaricious by nature, dwarves make the perfect servants for the red dragons of Ruman.
  • Elves: The black dragons of Joseon do not favor the elves, who make up the majority of the nation’s population. True favor is reserved for the dead—the living are second-class citizens.
  • Giants: The stern giants are the favored race of the blue dragons of Kemet. They have uplifted their own servant race, the sibeccai, to work alongside them in the deep deserts of their home.
  • Litorians: These lion-like humanoids inhabit the only truly independent nation in Draconia, the Pridelands.
  • Orcs: The savage, brutal orcs are shaped by the frozen wastelands of their home, Krievija, and the nature of their white dragon masters.
  • Shifters: The shifters are animal-humanoids of various sorts, ranging in physical appearance from bipedal animals to humanoids with only scant animal features. The various sorts of shifters are the favored of several different dragon types.
  • Sibeccai: Uplifted from common canines by giantish magic, the sibeccai are the servants and partners of their creators. Since their creation, they have spread to various other nations, but their highest concentration remains in their homeland of Kemet

Uncommon Races

Many dozens (or even hundreds) of sentient races live in the lands of Draconia. Those above are the most populous or favored, while these are just a few of those that are known.

  • Humans: A few scattered populations of these bland, middle-of-the-road humanoids live in Draconia. Humans have no particular strengths and tend to live quiet, unassuming lives.

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