Alignment and Allegiance

Alignment as a rules concept does not exist in Draconia. Characters and monsters alike are free to determine their own moral and ethical viewpoints. Instead, “allegiance” as a setting concept refers to the dragon type a given character is sworn to. Thus, a character can be gold-aligned or red-aligned, but this has no bearing on the character’s moral or ethical stance; it is a political distinction rather than a spiritual one.

Damage Reduction

If a creature has aligned damage reduction, replace it with DR/silver if the creature is lawful or DR/cold iron if it’s chaotic. If it already has one of those as part of its damage reduction, replace the aligned DR with DR/magic. So a creature with DR 5/lawful and silver instead has DR 5/magic and silver.

Feats and Skill Points

All characters gain a bonus feat at first level. Additionally, all classes that list 2 skill points per level are increased to 4 skill points per level.

Prestige Classes

Dragon Disciple: This prestige class may only be taken by individuals of the dracha race.

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