Welcome to the world of Draconia!

The Golden Council is opening its halls to for an open call for adventurers. Please join us in the Grand Hall of the Golden Palace on the first day of the Time of the Egg to interview for a possible position in a team of heroes.

Suggested Requirements:

  • The ability to travel
  • Willingness to meet new and different people
  • Possess the skill or be willing to learn how to sail
  • Work well with others
  • Courage in the face of danger
  • Thinking on your feet
  • Open-mindedness to new situations
  • Able to speak Albish

Please ask for Victoria or Elizabeth Windsor at the gates. Food, drink, and lodging will be provided.

World of Draconia

Setting Information: Information about the world of Draconia and its inhabitants.
Rules Information: Races, classes, and feats of Draconia, including changes from the core Pathfinder rules.
Adventure Log: Session summaries, fiction, actual play reports, and other supplementary materials.

World of Draconia

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