Ariel Leander

A young glaive-wielding warriror with a mysterious past.


Ariel 1

Ariel appears to be a Sun Elf, standing about 5’6", tall for an elf, with long opalescent white hair, usually gathered into a high ponytail that shows a bit of a darker color on the underside, not bleached by the sun like the rest, and brightly violet eyes. Ariel tends to favor comfortable clothing that is easy to move in, often in shades of green and gold, and carries a glaive as a primary weapon, as well as a spiked gauntlet for close quarters fighting. Ariel has delicate, rather androgynous features and a slender build, and could easily be a slightly strong-featured girl, or a soft featured boy, and is generally, as most elves tend to be, pretty for either gender.

Ariel is easygoing in general, and prefers to avoid bloodshed when at all possible. Mostly friendly and pleasant, flashes of anger are rare but quietly intense. For the most part, Ariel seems to take things lightly unless they are truly serious, and has a sense of humor about most things.

It’s true. She has boobs. They were not caused by the water.


What has been revealed about Ariel so far is a history of adventuring as something of a wandering ronin, helping out where possible and attempting to right wrongs and restore peace. Ariel has been purposefully vague about the past, and only recently due to events revealed to the group a childhood in Rumon as a slave, with an escape close to 14 years ago.

Recently, Ariel’s mother, Kundri/Echo, was revealed to be a slave of Attius Carver, a badger shifter from Rumon, and Ariel’s former master. Further, Echo stated that her intent in having a child was to trade for her own freedom, and that when Ariel escaped, she was taken back as a slave. She’s asked Ariel and the party to smuggle her family out of Rumon so that she can escape her captivity as well. Ariel, though angry, agreed for the sake of Echo’s children—half-sisters to Ariel, and very young.

Ariel Leander

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